FIDELIUM FINANCE invests as aminority or majority shareholder, in unlisted companies, in the creation, development, transmission, merger acquisition and turnaround steps.

Its participation may take the form of ordinary or non-voting preferred stocks, share certificates,convertible bondsand generally all other categories assimilated to equity.

Follow up

FIDELIUM FINANCE is an active shareholder and partner at all key stagesof the company’s life.

FIDELIUM FINANCE provides support to the management teams of these companies trough medium and long-term development plans without actual interference in management.

  • By providing support to their management teams in strategic decision-making and the implementation of rigorous management and reporting systems
  • By helping them to create value for their customers and their shareholders
  • By creating new synergies through ournetworks of partners
Sectors and stages

FIDELIUM FINANCE has multi-sector and multi-stage investment policy in order to minimize the risks associated with a specific sector or stage of development with a focus on business turnaround.